Our CASE with WCA Worldwide and L.I.T. AG


Our story with Our CASE with WCA Worldwide and L.I.T. AG “(Formerly Known as CLI LUFT- UND SEEFRACHT GmbH)” full of Scum and Racism.
Unfortunately we tried a lot to keep us safe from defame us, but I received a broadcast of today suspended our three of our offices, forgotten we are the one who are asking a solution for a complications which has been caused by WCA member L.I.T. We asked them to solve the problem since our cargo stuck at the Port of Lebanon for paying incredible bill of L.I.T who wants us to pay their terrible failure to move a shipment of hazardous materials from Germany to the port of Beirut.

WCA ignored my request by pushing us to pay L.I.T “L.I.T. Air & Sea GmbH (Bremen, Head Office)” who involved us in trouble by increasing their invoice Euro 18000 instead of Euro 1700 according to their offer, beside our client refused to pay such amount because his cargo value is only Euro 19000!!!

Right Now:
We lost Money because of WCA and Those L.I.T
We Lost Our Client.
They let us so sorry to be a WCA members since 2004

Trying to defame our company rudely, unfairly, racist and unqualified from the top of the pyramid to the bottom of it.

Be careful of them to keep your company name, because they have no credibility unqualified and have no experience in dealing with companies internationally per what happened to us.
Who want to ask what happened pls check our Previous Post in full details.


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